Karolina Waleczek ? born in 1985 in Poland, a vocalist and a concert leader. She has been singing practically since her childhood ? as she says ? since she can remember. Her incredible passion for music is visible in her appearances on stage during numerous Festivals, Song Contests and Concerts. Thanks to her verve and familiarity with stage performances, Ms Hein does not only sing, but also leads classical and popular music concerts. What characterizes Karolina Hein most is her extraordinary voice timbre and her huge vocal scale. She took her private vocal-lessons in Cracow and improved her skills in a Vocal-Ballet College in Gliwice.

Karolina took part in the following festivals:

- 24th Artistic Festival for Youth in Cracow, Poland (2nd prize)
- National Song Competition in Sosnowiec, Poland (2nd prize)
- Jazz Festival in Cracow, Poland

She was awarded the Artistic Prize by the Mayor of Olkusz ? her home town.

She leads the concerts fluently in three languages: Polish, English and German. Command of languages also gives her an opportunity to work as a translator and interpreter.

Since 2008 she has been co-operating with Wojciech Waleczek, leading his concerts and performing together.

Repertoire for piano and vocal / Wojciech Waleczek + Karolina Hein /

Polish Music

K. Proko

  • G. obaszewska
  • E. Geppert
  • K. Cugowski
  • Cz. Niemen
  • E. Grniak
  • K. Groniec
  • K. Sobczyk
  • H. Kunicka
  • M. Rodowicz
  • K. Janda
  • M. Grechuta
  • Czerwone Gitary
  • A. Jantar
  • Maanam
  • H. Frckowiak
  • U. Sipiska
  • Z. Pogorzelska
  • H. Ordonwna
  • E. Demarczyk

French Music

  • E. Piaff
  • J. Dassin
  • J. Brel
  • J. Birkin
  • Ch. Aznavour
  • S. Gainsbourg
  • Garou
  • C. Dion
  • Dalida & Alain Delon
  • J. Greco

British und American Music

  • G. Gershwin
  • A.L. Weber
  • T. Turner
  • Queen
  • C. Dion
  • E. Fitzgerald
  • W. Houston
  • L. Armstrong
  • F. Astaire
  • R. Charles
  • Cher
  • B. Dylan
  • E. Clapton
  • J. Joplin
  • G. Jones
  • M. Jackson
  • F. Sinatra,
  • P. Sledge
  • S. Bassey
  • E. Presley
  • The Beatles

German Music

  • H. Groenemeyer
  • M. Dietrich
  • H. Knef
  • K. Weill
  • S. Levay

Italian Music

  • Laura Pausini
  • Al. Bano & Romina Power
  • Gianna Nannini
  • Marino Marini
  • Umberto Tozzi
  • Eros Ramazzotti
  • Francesco Napoli
  • Domenico Modugno
  • Andrea Bocelli