We invite You to listen mp3 files published beneath, recorded by Wojciech Waleczek. Please remember, that all published files here are owned by pianist Wojciech Waleczek. Unauthorized use and/or distribution ist strictly prohibited.

NEW! no.1 Chopin - Andante spianato LIVE

NEW! no.2 Chopin- Grand Polonaise Brillante in E flat Major, op. 22 (excerpt) LIVE

NEW! no.3 Chopin - Variations, op. 2 on the theme "La ci darem la mano" (excerpt 2) LIVE

NEW! no.4 Chopin - Variations, op. 2 on the theme "La ci darem la mano" (excerpt 1) LIVE

NEW! no.5 Chopin - Walc a moll, op 34 nr2 (wersja skrcona)

NEW! no.6 Liszt - Concerto No 2 in A Major (excerpt 1) LIVE

NEW! no.7 Liszt - Concerto No 2 in A Major (excerpt 2) LIVE

NEw! no.8 Mancini Waleczek Moon River LIVE

NEW! no.9 Schumann - Arabesque, op 18

no. 1 Chopin-Liszt - The Wish from "6 chants polonais". S.480/1 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 2> Chopin-Liszt - Spring from "6 chants polonais. S.480/2 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 3 Chopin-Liszt - The Ring from "6 chants polonais", S.480/3 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 4 Chopin-Liszt - Merrymaking from "6 chants polonais", S.480/4 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 5 Chopin-Liszt - My Darling from "6 chants polonais", S. 480/5 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 6 Chopin-Liszt - The Bridegroom from "6 chants polonais", S. 480/6 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 7 Schubert-Liszt - Staendchen, S560bis/7 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 8 Schubert-Liszt - Auf dem Wasser zu singen, S558/2 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 9 Schubert-Liszt - Ave Maria, S.558/12 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 10 Haendel-Liszt - Sarabande und Chaconne aus dem Singspiel "Almira", S.181 by Wojciech Waleczek

no. 11 Gounod-Liszt - Valse de l'opera "Faust", S.407 by Wojciech Waleczek